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Message from the president

 Kozato Kizai is, above all, a technology-first company. Today, all electrical products are required to have high quality and technological strength to support them.

 Above all, the rubber capacitor seals used in our main products, electrolytic capacitors, is used for everything from household appliances around us to space shuttles, and we have a greater responsibility than ever before. That is why we take pride in the great mission of this small piece.

 Human resource development is one of our most important management policies. The reason is that in order to continue technological innovation at bases that spread not only in Japan but also overseas, it is essential to develop human resources who constantly improve knowledge and ability in order to become a company that will survive in the 21st century.

In the future, agile footwork will become more and more necessary for promoting worldwide corporate activities. However, we never proceed with corporate logic, even at the expense of the global environment. Because we believe that coexistence with nature and local people is the way to go for Kozato Kizai that our technology enables.

       Kozato Kizai Co., Ltd. 

         President Naoyui Fujii


 1.Always seeking innovation in products and technologies with rich customers
 Our company that constantly develops

 2.Always strive to develop knowledge and ability with rich employees
 Our company loved by the whole family

 3.Always trusted by customers and with rich collaborators
 Our company that grows endlessly


Our company

Trade nameKozato Kizai Co., Ltd.
Head Office 125-0053 1-39-7 Kamakura,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo
PresidentNaoyui Fujii
Established October 8,1948
Capital80.95 million yen
Awano Factory in Japan
Tochigi factory in japan
Kozato Kizai Malaysia(KKM) in Malaysia
Kozato Kizai Malaysia Second factory(DSM) in Malaysia
Shanhai Kozato Kizai(SKK) in China
Number of
Kozato Group 1,100
(Japan 150 Malaysia 800 China 150)

General Rubber Goods
Manufacture of Rubber Capacitor Seals
Manufacture of soundproof covers for compressors
Sale of hoses and belts


BankThe Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)
Main client Rubycon Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
Nishiyama Corporation
SUN Electronic Industries Corporation
Hokusay Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.


 Over 70 years of Kozato Kizai has been a history of persistent technological innovation. Through the development and manufacturing of industrial rubber products, the trust we have built up by delivering the high-spec products that our customers demand. Technological development to respond to the rapidly advancing electronics world Cultivating human resources who support advanced technology. All is the power to push Kozato Kizai forward. And continuing to carefully protect this power will be the path for Kozato Kizai tomorrow.

October 1948Founded as Fuji Shokai
October 1957Established Kozato Shokai Co., Ltd.
August 1960Renamed as Kozato Kizai Co., Ltd.
July 1973Opened Tochigi factory
October 1984Opened Awano Factory
August 1989Established Kozato Kizai Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia
August 1994Established Shanhai Kozato Kizai Limited company in China
May 2009Opened Second factory (DSM) in Malaysia
May 2013Head Office moved to current location (Kamakura, Katsushika-ku,Tokyo,Japan)
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