Kozato Kizai Co., Ltd.(KKJ)

NAMEKozato Kizai Co., Ltd.
DATEApril 23, 2003
SCOPEManufacture of Rubber Capacitor Seals and Research & development.

Kozato Kizai Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.(KKM)

Environmental Policy
 WE acknowledge and respect the delicate balance between manufacturing and our environment. To promote and enhance a healthy respect for the environment, we will strive, as a company, to achieve continual improvement in our environmental management and develop environmentally friendly practices as follows:

・ Establish and implement an environmental management system fulfilling the requirements of ISO14001.
・ Comply with the relevant environmental legislation and other customer requirements, such as RoHS requirements.
・ Prevent pollution especially to Air and Water.
・ Conserve Energy and Natural Resources.
・ Reduce Waste and Recycle wherever and whenever possible.
・ Control Hazardous substances and wastes.
・ Communicate and provide training to employees on environmental issues.
・ Encourage our suppliers and contractors to practice responsible environmental management.
・ Make this policy available to the public.

The above Environmental Policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to the public in accordance with the Environmental Communication Procedure.

NAMEKozato Kizai(M) Sdn.Bhd.
DATE05 February 2003

Shanhai Kozato Kizai Limited company(SKK)

NAMEShanhai Kozato Kizai Limited company
DATEJanuary 27, 2004
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