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Rubber capacitor seals

Rubber capacitor seals is our main product, and we have a monthly production capacity of 2 billion units.

In recent years, the use of in-vehicle products has grown rapidly, and we are promoting manufacturing with ZERO defects.

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Production capacityJapan 500 million
Malaysia 1 billion
China 500 million
Rubber material Butyl rubber   EPDM rubber
Product size2.5φ~25φ   25φ~90φ
Special product With bakelite   With PTFE

For refrigerator



  Silicone fluororubber, acrylic, polyurethane 

Door seals for refrigerators, ice machines, anti-vibration rubber for compressors.

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For air conditioner

Rubber parts that absorb vibration and prevent noise are used for the rotating parts of the air conditioner and the parts that support the fan.

Although safety is required because it is used in close contact with our daily lives, we meet the requirements with high quality.

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